Q The world`s first! Really?

A  Absolutely. This is the only wireless and waterproof pair of classic headphones with a built in mp3 player using text to voice software. Similar products with this design are not waterproof and break down quickly when sweat enters the unit. The product is Patent Pending.

Q: So no external mp3, right?

A: That`s right. The mp3 player is built into the headphones [hence wire-free] and is waterproof.

Q: So these are fine for swimming?

A: Absolutely. For swimming we recommend using the earplugs included and to wear them under the headphones. These will block water but allow sound.

Q: I run and circuit train. Will the music skip with my jumping around? 

A: No.The music will be completely skip-free.

Q: How do they charge? Do I have to buy accessories separately?

A: They charge via a provided USB cable attached to your computer. 

Q: What`s the deal with the usb? Doesn`t sweat get in?

A: The connector on the headphones is unaffected by water. The headphones have been sonically welded and further waterproofed internally.

Q: How waterproof are they?

A: The players have received official certification for IPX7 level which is to 1metre depth.  However, they must also pass strong movement tests through the water to simulate swimming.

Q: How does the voice navigation work?

A: When you receive the player, insert the CD disc that comes with it. Then the instructions will guide you to choose which language or accent you wish. From then on, all your personalised playlists [eg " Crazy workout 1" or "Madonna" ] will be voiced back to you to enable you to scroll through your music at speed.

Q: Bluetooth as well?

A: Yes! You can stream music to the headphones from your phone or take a call. You can also link the headphones to anything with a headphones socket via a bluetooth dongle. It will also link to a fantastic new product we have coming out around October 2010.

Q What is the warranty period?

A We give a full one year manufacturer`s warranty

Q: Mi-Sport? Are you a new company?

A: Yes…and with more exciting and innovative products coming very soon! We have some great new gadgets lined up designed to enhance the exercise experience and also act as serious training aids. Contact us if you wish to receive notifications as they are ready through 2010.

Any questions please email us at [email protected]