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Q The world`s first! Really?

A Absolutely. This is the only wirelessand sweatproof/waterproof pair of headphones with a built in mp3 player.Similarproductswith this design arenotwaterproofand break down quickly when sweat enters the unit. The product is Patent Pending.

Q: So no external mp3, right?

A: That`s right. The mp3 player is built into the headphones [hence wire-free] and is waterproof.

Q: So these are fine for swimming?

A: Absolutely.Forswimmingwe recommend using the earplugs included and to wear them under the headphones.Thesewill block water but allow sound. Also, remove the soft black material around the headphones to maintain the sound quality.

Q: I run and circuit train.Willthemusicskipwithmyjumpingaround?

A: No.The music will be completely skip-free.

Q:Howdotheycharge? DoI have to buy accessories separately?

A:TheychargeviatheUSBcableattachedtoyourcomputerorfrom the wall charger which is provided.

Q: What`s the deal with the usb? Doesn`tsweat get in?

A: The usb is sealed with a door which should be closed andthelockslidesacross. The internals are waterproofalso.

Q: How waterproof are they?

A: The players have received official certification for IPX7 level which is to 1metre but can be submerged up to 3 metres.

Q What is the warranty period?

A We give a full one year manufacturer`s warranty

Q: Mi-Sport?Are you a new company?

A: Yes...and with more products coming soon!

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