MI-SPORT MP3 Headphones: Sports Headphones with Integrated Waterproof MP3 Player

Introducing the world's first waterproof and wireless sports mp3 player. These Mi-SPORT mp3 headphones have a 1GB memory integrated into a cool neckband design. At last no wire tangle and no earbuds to fall out. This sports design with a built in mp3 player is perfect for all forms of exercise, but until now previous models would break down quickly when sweat entered the unit. Our patented design makes this waterproof/sweatproof mp3 player purpose made for running, cycling and gym work. The player however is more than splash proof! It can be completely submerged with no harm to it making it perfect for swimming, kayaking, and all water activities. Now incorporating STEREO EFFECT SOUND with it's superior waterproof speaker. New waterproof earplugs to help block the water but allow sound are included for swimmers. Relax to music in the bath, or push out that training session with no fear of losing your player or tangling the wires. Very secure and very comfortable.

This is the only waterproof pair of classic headphones with a built in mp3 player in the world. The stylish looking sports headphones play the usual MP3, WMA and WAV formats and are compatible with Windows98/98SE/2000/XP/Vista and MAC. Depending on track length, the headphones hold well over 14 hours worth of music and the rechargeable battery life is about 8 hours.

Nick Matthew, the 2006 British Open squash champion now uses the player to train with and quotes the wire-free factor as “a revelation" with sweatproof/waterproof being "crucial”. Mi-SPORT are endeavoring to encourage more athletes to enjoy the benefits of training to wire-free music, podcasts or coaching aids and we now have many international athletes using the player.

Inspiration and freedom at last, for athletes and exercise enthusiasts everywhere.