VBT Headphones


  • 4GB Mp3 player built in
  • Individual Track Change and Volume Control
  • Voice Navigation through Playlists
  • Fast Forward and Rewind within an Individual Track
  • A2DP Bluetooth 2.1 with EDR [Non bluetooth version also available]
  • Discreet magnetically detachable microphone
  • Extra bluetooth sensitivity built in
  • Waterproof and Wire-free
  • Superior music quality
  • Links wirelessly to the Mi-Sport H1


  • All forms of exercise, including swimming
  • Stream music from phone or take a call
  • Use built in mp3 player for better music navigation but remain connected to phone to take a call
  • Use as wireless headphones with a bluetooth dongle
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Introducing the Mi-Sport VBT Headphones

A fully waterproof, sweatproof and wireless bluetooth stereo headset with integrated voice navigation mp3 player.

With no wires to tangle or earbuds to fall out, wearable mp3 player headphones are a great design for running, cycling and the gym. Previous models however would break down quickly when sweat entered the unit. Expertly engineered to the highest standards, the applications for these patent pending bluetooth sports headphones go far beyond all previous possibilities.

Waterproof mp3 player/Sports mp3 player

The mp3 player is more than just water resistant to splashes. It can be completely submerged which makes it great as a swimming mp3 player, any general water activity and ideal for the beach. Specifically for swimming, the player is sent with new waterproof soft sponge earplugs to be worn underneath the headphones, which block water but allow sound. Our new earplugs now allow great quality music with the head in or out of the water without the need for deep penetrating earpieces into the ear canal which can cause damage and be uncomfortable over time. The headphones are very comfortable and very secure. With our particular design [worn around the back of the head], no pressure accumulates on the side of the head. Even the ear hooks have been made for ultimate comfort.

Extremely user friendly, the 2 upper buttons on the side of the headphones allow for track change backwards or forwards and volume control. The 2 lower buttons give fast forward or rewind within an individual track/podcast and also playlist/album scrolling via voice navigation. This fantastic feature means that your album text is read and voiced back to you, in your choice of language or accent, male or female. This allows a much easier and faster search through a large music library without having to look at a screen during the workout. Practically all European languages are included as well as Russian and Arabic. 4GB of memory is built in, that’s around 1000 typical mp3s or 60 hours worth of listening time. The rechargeable battery life is about 9 hours.

The Mi-Sport mp3 player headphones play MP3, WMA or AAC (I-Tunes) music format and are compatible with PC and MAC.

Bluetooth Headphones

The wireless headphones are also a fully waterproof A2DP bluetooth stereo headset [a non bluetooth version is also available with simply the voice navigation mp3 player].

Compatible with practically all mobile phones, the user can stream music directly from their phone in stereo, or take a call. The discreet microphone is magnetically detachable for swimming, but rain and sweatproof otherwise. Also, and crucially, extra bluetooth sensitivity has been built into the headphones to prevent signal drop out when outside. This has previously proved a common problem with bluetooth headsets when used outside as the bluetooth signal has no walls to bounce back from.

If used with a bluetooth dongle (bought seperately) the headphones could then be linked to anything with a headphones socket – TV, Stereo, DVD player, or even the headphones socket of a running machine to listen to the TV`s wirelessly making them great bluetooth headphones for the gym. We like to think of the Mi-Sport VBT as the ultimate wireless headphones.

Connects to the Mi-Sport H1 heart rate monitor

Take a look at the partner of the VBT, a bluetooth GPS heartrate monitor with some great new functionality.