VR1 Headphones


  • 4GB mp3 player built in
  • Fully Waterproof and Wire-free
  • Individual track change and volume control
  • Voiced Navigation through Playlists
  • Fast Forward and Rewind within an individual track
  • “Race a Virtual Athlete” Functionality
  • Programmable Personal Trainer
  • Superior music quality


  • Indoor Cycle Turbo Trainer/Gym Bike
  • Outdoor Cycling
  • Swimming
  • Running indoors or outdoors
  • Pacemaker/Race competitor for training
  • Structure any workout with your own personal trainer
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Introducing the Mi-Sport VR1 Headphones

A revolutionary new fully waterproof and wireless sports mp3 player with “Race a Virtual Athlete” functionality and a Programmable Personal Trainer for any activity (patent pending).

More information about this product to be released soon.